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ygozexal's Journal

yu-gi-oh! zexal (with a silent x)
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Welcome to ygozexal! This community is all about Zexal, and it's silent x.

This comm is run by duelers, and you can contact me about anything via PM or any mod post!

There are a few rules to follow while posting here!

1. Stay on topic! Please keep your posts on-topic to Zexal! Crossovers and advertising communities that relate to all four YGO series are fine, however please don't post introductions unless you have something else to post!

2. LJ-cuts! If you're posting images larger than 500x500, more than 3 icons, or a fanfic to the comm, please use an LJ cut!

3. Tags Please tag your posts appropriately! If you need a tag that doesn't exist, then please ask!

4. Friend-lock downloads Just to be on the safe side!

5. Mark non-worksafe posts Anything, whether it's fanart, fanfiction or a doujin, you must indicate if it's NSFW. Also, please add warnings if needed!

6. Play nice! No wank-stirring, or baiting, or flaming.

Rules will be changed if they need to be.